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Try These Great Walla Walla Breweries Near our Hotel

Here are 8 Great Walla Walla Breweries to Try

We talk a lot about all the great wine there is to enjoy here in the Walla Walla Valley. And for so many people, that is what first pops into their minds when thinking of Walla Walla. It is, after all, ranked as the #1 wine-producing region in the country!  However, there are also several great Walla Walla breweries in the area, and we don’t think they should be overlooked! In addition to these Walla Walla breweries, there are also several great cideries and distilleries, all of which serve to round out your tasting experiences in this incredible part of Washington State.

With so many great things to taste, see, and do in Walla Walla, we recommend you stay for a few days, too!  That’s where our luxurious Walla Walla hotel comes in.  The Cameo Heights Mansion, located between the great Tri-Cities region and downtown Walla Walla, offers an unparalleled experience in wine country.  Our hotel is situated in the stunning countryside, away from the busy streets of downtown Walla Walla and the tri-cities, but close enough to enjoy the very best this area has to offer.

Our guest rooms go far beyond what you’d experience at a traditional hotel, too, with plenty of welcoming hospitality and high-end amenities to enjoy along the way, not least of which is our exquisite restaurant, The Vine.  This winter, come experience the difference. Book your getaway to our luxury hotel near Walla Walla today!

8 Walla Walla Breweries Worth Visiting

There’s really no arguing that the wine grown and produced in and around Walla Walla these days is exquisite. Given that agriculture is at the very heart of the Walla Walla Valley – from onions, garlic, and apple orchards to wine grapes and golden fields of wheat – it follows that craft brewers and distillers have come to call this area home, too.

Try These Great Walla Walla Breweries Near our Hotel

Much like many towns around the Pacific Northwest and around the country, we think Walla Walla is starting to earn a solid reputation as a solid craft beer destination.  At this point in time, there are 8 Walla Walla breweries worthy of adding to your list!

  1. Water Buffalo Brewery is one of the most respected Walla Walla breweries. Their taproom is pretty small, which is why they offer by-appointment-only tastings.  Even so, you can find their Belgian-and English-style ales on tap locally and at local grocery stores. Their facility is entirely solar-powered, too, which just makes them that much more interesting.
  2. Technically, Dragon’s Gate Brewery is in Oregon, but it’s close enough to the area that we’ll consider it in our list of Walla Walla breweries! The brewery is located on a farm, which is a picture-perfect place to sample some of their delicious farmhouse and Belgian-style ales.
  3. Burwood Brewery is located in the Walla Walla Airport District and brings a delicious range of German-inspired brews to the area. Their taproom has plenty of room to spread out and enjoy and offers great views of the valley as well. They also regularly feature local food trucks, which has turned them into one of the most popular destinations for beer lovers in Walla walla.
  4. Quirk Brewing is another gem out in the Walla Walla Airport District. They are best known for their imaginative selection of beer and they have a pretty loyal following.  Another perk to visiting them is your chance to try the Agapas food truck. Some say it offers the best Mexican food in the Walla Walla Valley!
  5. Big House Brew Pub (aka Millcreek Brew Pub) has been in the area for 20 years. Their prison-themed brews – a not so subtle nod to the state prison nearby – are well worth your time.
  6. Laht Neppur Brewing Company is nestled into the beautiful foothills of the Blue Mountains. They have not only a great selection of beer but wine as well.  It’s a great 2-for-1 destination!
  7. Get a charming dose of history at Crossbuck Brewing, which is located in the former Walla Walla Train Depot and co-located with the Walla Walla Steak Co. Local ingredients shine in the unique and eclectic range of beers you’ll enjoy here.
  8. Chief Spring’s Fire & Iron Brew Pub, owned by retired fire chief Mike Spring and his wife Ann, is a great place to enjoy a good beer with some delicious wood-fired pizza.

If you’re looking to add even more great tastings to your itinerary, here some great cideries and distilleries cropping up in the Walla Walla area:

  1. Blue Mountain Cider Company was founded by a second-generation apple farmer and they use only locally-sourced apples, which means you can expect to enjoy some of the freshest and most delicious hard cider around.
  2. Freewater Cider Company produces a wonderful range of barrel-aged ciders from local apples. Their tasting room is usually only on weekends, but can be open during the week by appointment.
  3. Locust Cider & Brewing is an outpost of their original location in Woodinville, Washington, but is a welcome newcomer on the scene of Walla Walla breweries. You can expect to find a great diversity of products here, including plenty of delicious craft beers, wine in cans, ciders, and even cider slushies.
  4. 2nd Street Distilling produced handcrafted, small-batch spirits from local ingredients likes Washington grapes, barley, rye, and cascade spring water. They have a tasting room in downtown Walla Walla.
  5. Brandy lovers won’t want to miss the opportunity to head to DW Distilling. Their tasting room is closed for the time being, but deliveries are still available.
  6. Walla Walla Distilling Company was the city’s first licensed craft distillery, and they produced a range of old-world spirits utilizing modern technology. Their dedication to craft shows in their resultant spirits, which can be enjoyed at local establishments or at their facility (by appointment only).

Try These Great Walla Walla Breweries Near our Hotel

The Best Hotel Near Walla Walla

While you’re out and about enjoying these delightful Walla Walla breweries, know that the quiet luxury of the Cameo Heights Mansion is right here waiting for you. At our Walla Walla hotel, we take tremendous pride in our service to you, which includes tending to the smallest details, all so you can do nothing but enjoy every moment of your time in this esteemed wine-producing region.

Our hotel offers 7 luxuriously appointed guest rooms, each of which is a spacious slice of luxury.  Just a few of the amenities you’ll enjoy while here include: Practical toiletries, including toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, and razor (just in case); a separate shower stall in every suite, most of which are walk-in and feature large overhead rain showers; chocolates in-suite and tokens for free ice cream and beverages from the Hospitality refrigerator/freezer, a fire pit, a hot tub, outdoor games, and so much more.

We stand behind everything we do here at our romantic Walla Walla hotel, and we look forward to celebrating with you as you visit these wonderful Walla Walla breweries! Book your getaway at our hotel today!