Cameo Heights

French Suite Nightstand with iPhone Docking Station

What to Expect of the Technology at Cameo Heights

Check Out the Latest technology updates at CHM

We are always striving for the perfect experience. Our latest round of changes have been intended for the Millenials and Generation Xers who expect the latest technology–along with romance. If you have stayed here before, you will note that these are improvements, hopefully, in all the areas that needed it.
Summary of current technology at Cameo Heights Mansion, not listed in any particular order of importance.

  1. Silent electronic timers for our fireplaces. (They used to make a ticking noise as they counted down.)
  2. Fireplaces have also been upgraded and tuned to put out a better flame.
  3. Multiple electrical outlets on nightstands on both sides of the bed with double USB slots in each. Don’t you hate it when you have to look BEHIND the night stand or UNDER tables and unplug the lamps to find enough plugins to charge your phone, ipad, or sleep apnea machines? Not here at Cameo Heights Mansion! There are 6 FREE outlets and 2 USB’s on each night stand on both sides of the bed.
  4. Smart TV’s in each room.  Now you can stream in movies through your personal accounts.
  5. BluRay players not only in the theater room but in each suite as well.
  6. Logitech Harmony 900 universal remote device controller with RF technology in the theater room and in every suite. Learn its highly simple and intuitive operation and use it everywhere in the Mansion. It passes the babysitter test.
  7. Electronic operated spa heater now maintains an exact temperature of 102 in the hot tub.
  8. Robust WIFI in all parts of the Mansion (including outside around the pool area) with no required login code to mess with.
  9. Chef Carlson cooks most meats and some vegetables on a SousVide cooker. It cooks your food to an exact temperature in special vacuum sealed bags; thus the food reaches and stays at perfect temperature, never under or overcooked, and it retains all its natural humidity. “This is perfectly cooked”, is a comment that is heard often at The Vine.

One last round of change has to do with changes to the decor of the dining room of The Vine. It is going to get carpeting to become more quiet and be furnished with elegant black upholstered chairs, and square tables. (If you want some beautiful round table and chairs for your home, we have 6 tables and 24 chairs!) The walls with the family pictures will become a wall of mirrors.  There will be more elegant decor throughout the dining room and glass shelves above the island bar to hang all our glassware. This should be completed by the end of March or maybe mid April. This change is admittedly more esthetic than technological.  Our thrust here is make the dining ambiance more elegant and the atmosphere more quiet.  Expect completion of this by Mid April or sooner.
Stay tuned for more. We are committed to stay abreast of technology.