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The Stunning Palouse Falls State Park is a short drive from our Walla Walla Bed and Breakfast

Your Guide to Palouse Falls State Park This Spring

There are plenty of great Washington State Parks worth visiting this spring, but one of our favorites is an easy drive from our Walla Walla Bed and Breakfast.  Palouse Falls State Park, known for its namesake 200-foot tall waterfall, is a wonderful place to visit this spring.  The area offers visitors a remarkable glimpse into this part of Eastern Washington’s unique geology and history, combined of course with a dramatic view of Palouse Falls itself.

Palouse Falls State Park is in a pretty remote part of Eastern Washington and is located about halfway between Spokane and nearby Kennewick (one of the Tri-Cities).  It takes about 90 minutes to get to Palouse Falls State Park from Cameo Heights Mansion, which makes it a great adventure-ready day trip to take while staying here. If you’re lucky enough to have a spot reserved at our stunning Walla Walla Bed and Breakfast, we’ll start your day off with a sensational breakfast before sending you on your way, too.  Talk about fueling up in the best way imaginable for the day ahead!

When you’re legs are tired from exploring for the day, our guest rooms offer an exceptional space in which to retreat for the remainder of the evening.  You won’t even have to worry about heading back into Walla Walla or the Tri-Cities for dinner, either – or even have to try and find something suitable on your way home from your adventure.  One of the best restaurants in Walla Walla and the Tri-Cities, The Vine Restaurant, is right here at our Walla Walla Bed and Breakfast.  It’s open to the public as well as guests at the Inn, so you’ll want to ensure you have reservations beforehand.

We’re so ready to welcome the warmer weather of spring and summer and can’t wait to show you all the incredible things that await in the valley.  Book your room at our Walla Walla Bed and Breakfast today!

The Stunning Palouse Falls State Park is a short drive from our Walla Walla Bed and BreakfastYour Guide to Palouse Falls State Park

If you live in or around Washington State and you haven’t yet heard of Palouse Falls State Park, then you really need to add this geological gem to your bucket list!  It’s actually considered to be the official waterfall of the state, and with one look at its impressive beauty, you’ll see why. Time your visit to sunset, and you’ll be even more awed by this park’s beauty.

As we’ve already mentioned, Palouse Falls State Park is located in a pretty remote part of the state.  In fact, you can expect not to have cell service while you’re out there!  But, really, that is a great thing, because you won’t want to take your eyes off the stunning natural beauty of this park anyway! The remoteness of this Washington State Park also gives you the perfect excuse to spend at least a day or two in the area, too – which means you can relax in luxury at the Cameo Heights Mansion either before or after your big adventure at the park!  A win, win!

The highlight of Palouse Falls State Park is Palouse Falls itself.  The Palouse River travels through a narrow gorge – which is gorgeous all by itself – before plunging two hundred feet over the edge and into a pool below.  It’s the only waterfall of its kind in the area that’s a remnant from previous ice-age floods (the Missoula Floods), too, which means the scenery is just otherworldly and entirely worth the drive.

There’s isn’t a lot to do in the park aside from viewing the waterfall, but there’s enough to do!  There’s a scenic waterfall overlook, which is accessible via a gravel pack for the majority of travelers.  If you want to experience the area a bit more in-depth, we recommend you take one of the hikes in the park. There are trails, and it’s not recommended you venture beyond them (unless you want to tangle with the resident rattlesnakes or yellow-bellied marmots that call this part of the state home).

There are three main viewpoints from which to enjoy the falls, but the most spectacular is accessed from a hike that travels along the top of the Canyon.  This trail leads to the Fryxell Overlook, which offers a beautiful birds-eye view of the waterfall plunging into the pool below. Keep an eye out for wildflowers as spring progresses, too!

You will need a Washington State Discover Pass to visit the park, but this pass is well worth the money. There are a couple of other great Washington State Parks to visit in the area, too, including the Lyons Ferry State Park, Sacajawea State Park, McNary Wildlife Refuge, and Whitman Mission National Historic Site.

Relax and enjoy a stay at our luxury Walla Walla Bed and Breakfast when you visit Palouse Falls State Park

The Best Bed and Breakfast Near Palouse Falls

Washington State is filled with exceptionally beautiful parklands and natural areas, and we’re lucky to have so many of them nearby to our Walla Walla Bed and Breakfast.  For those of our guests who do want to get out and explore or enjoy a bit of adventure, parks like Palouse Falls State Park are the perfect destination. Combine it with a stay at our Walla Walla Bed and Breakfast, and you have the makings of an excellent getaway this spring.

Not only does Cameo Heights Mansion offer 7 impeccably decorated suites, but we also offer a whole host of amenities that you just won’t find at comparable properties.  From our game and movie rooms to our seasonal pool and hot tub, there are plenty of ways to relax and enjoy your time at our 5-start Bed and Breakfast, which is really more like a resort. Breakfast at The Vine Restaurant is always complimentary for guests at the Inn, and having access to one of the best dinner restaurants in the area isn’t a bad perk, either!

We offer guests a range of curated packages to help them make the most of their time here in the Walla Walla Valley and even go so far as to offer private wine tours and shuttles to our guests in our luxurious limousine.  There’s nothing we haven’t thought of yet.  Don’t believe us? Come check it out for yourself!  Book a room at our #1-rated Walla Walla Bed and Breakfast today!