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What Are the Benefits of a Midweek Vacation?

At Cameo Heights Mansion, we’ve had just about every type of traveler walk through our doors. In fact, we consider ourselves experts on vacationing. As such, we’re always surprised when we see so many guests booking their trips over the weekend. While taking a weekend getaway seems like the smarter move for someone trying to budget their vacation time, is it the better travel experience? The answer may surprise you. Keep reading to discover some of the benefits on a midweek vacation, including how you can save during your next stay at Cameo Heights Mansion.
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Discover the Benefits of a Midweek Vacation

Get a Vacation From Your Vacation

No matter how rejuvenating your vacation is (and trust us when we say that your next stay at Cameo Heights Mansion will be a relaxing one), you always come home to some housework. With unpacking your bags, doing loads of laundry, and doing some light cleaning around the houses, there’s plenty to do. If you come back home on a Sunday night, you can either rush your cleaning or head to work the next day knowing that you’re coming home to housework. What’s the solution? It’s certainly not to stop traveling! Instead, book your stay so that you arrive earlier in the week and depart with a day or two to spend at home. You can restock the fridge with groceries and take care of any tasks that need finishing up. Plus, if you have pets, they’ll appreciate the quality time after missing you!

Use it or Lose it

We understand that the reason that most of our guests travel on the weekend is to avoid taking excess days of vacation time. However, what are you saving those hours for? It’s smart to keep one or two days in the bank for an emergency, but more and more Americans are neglecting to take their allotted time. It’s such an epidemic that movements have been organized to address this issue specifically. Project Time Off is a great resource for planning vacations, especially longer trips. They’ve even backed up their claims with actual research, in case you needed more convincing!

Save Big

Most bed and breakfasts (like Cameo Heights Mansion) offers special deals for guests taking a mid-week vacation. For example, we have Winter Weekday Rates that allow our guests to take money off our already-discounted off-season rates. From November until mid-March (except on national holidays), guests staying from Sunday through Thursday can save big. If you’re nearby, be sure to follow us on Facebook where we also frequently posts deals on rooms!

Beat the Crowds

As we’ve said before, midweek vacations are less popular among travelers. That’s a benefit to you! You’ll be able to avoid long lines at the best local attractions, like these museums near Walla Walla. You’ll also have your choice of room or suite from Cameo Heights Mansion! Typically, our most popular accommodations, like the Greek or Spanish Suites, are solidly booked. However, being flexible with midweek dates means that you have a much better chance of staying in these luxurious rooms.

Stay at Cameo Heights Mansion

Now that you know the many benefits of taking a mid-week vacation, the only thing left to do is book your stay at Cameo Heights Mansion! We have an incredible selection of luxurious rooms, fantastic amenities, and a world-class onsite restaurant. Add to that the many wonderful things to do at the mansion and surrounding Walla Walla area, and you’ve got plenty of reasons to book your stay!
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