The Top Current Wedding Trends at Cameo Heights Mansion


Weddings are rarely easy to plan. From finding the perfect venue to deciding on your guest list to writing your vows, it can quickly become overwhelming. This is supposed to be a time to celebrate your love, not a chore! If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for an elegant, intimate, formal, or grand fairytale wedding, Cameo Heights is the answer! We provide incredible wedding packages that make planning your special day easy. Our staff is dedicated to making sure that your day turns out just the way you want it. And we do it all with the help of our amazing Wedding Coordinator, LaWanda Hatch, who is well versed in current wedding trends and classic wedding traditions.
Now that you’re not having to spend your time reading about current wedding trends, read about our beautiful mansion and the surrounding area! Download our free Vacation Guide for suggestions on the best restaurants, museums, historic sites, and hiking spots in the area. With the help of our staff, you shouldn’t be too busy to enjoy your time at Cameo Heights Mansion. Plus, your guests will appreciate knowing a little more about the area before their visit.

Current Wedding Trends

In the past decade, there’s been a movement away from formal, traditional weddings and more towards unique and special fares. Rather than having generic themes, we’re seeing more personalized ceremonies that are more focused on having fun. Playing games during cocktail hour is a trend now, which is perfect for anyone getting married in Cameo Heights! We have a tetherball court, bocce ball, and horseshoes, and that’s just outside!
We have also seen a growing trend of using natural elements in wedding ceremonies, from greenery and wood elements to nature-inspired decor. Our stunning outdoor venue is the perfect setting for a wedding featuring natural themes. Find out more about what we can do for your special day.

The Essential Elopement
If you’re hoping for a private experience with just you and your partner, The Essential Elopement is perfect. Book your suite and we will do the rest! The package includes a stay in our Dubai suite, an officiant and witnesses to perform the service, the use of our full-service wedding coordinator LaWanda Hatch, the bouquet and boutonniere, the wedding cake and a champagne toast, a seven-course fine dining experience, and an intimate breakfast served in your suite the morning after. If you would like to upgrade a feature of the experience, we can accommodate. Simply contact LaWanda and she will gladly discuss the changes with you!

A Private Affair

If you simply can’t imagine getting married without some guests, A Private Affair is perfect for you. It is designed for a 14 persons wedding party, all of whom would stay in Cameo Heights Mansion. The package includes hair and makeup for the bridge, photography, and officiant, a two-tiered wedding cake, a seven-course formal dinner with wine pairing in our beautifully decorated dining room, and breakfast for all the guests.

An Elegant Afternoon

If you’re looking for a bit of a larger affair, An Elegant Afternoon is the best option. This package is designed for a wedding party of 50, and includes the suite, cake cutting, a gourmet luncheon and champagne toast, LaWanda’s incredible talents, fully decorated dining room and tables, a flower package for the wedding party, photography, an officiant, hair and makeup for the bride, the use of a harpist or piano player, a three-tiered wedding cake, and an intimate breakfast in your suite the next morning. Get the wedding of your dreams without the hassle!

A Formal Affair

Like the previous package, A Formal Affair is designed for a wedding of up to 50 people. You will retain exclusive use of the Mansion during the ceremony. The amazing LaWanda Hatch will organize the planning. The package also includes discounted lodging for your guests, flower packages for the wedding party, photography, the officiant, hair and makeup for the bride, use of a harpist or pianist for the ceremony and a DJ for the reception, a seven-course dinner with wine pairings for 50 persons, three-tiered wedding cake, and a champagne toast. In the morning, all your guests staying in the Mansion will enjoy breakfast.

A Grand Affair

A Grand Affair is geared for the couple who want to make their wedding a memorable event without the stress of planning. Choose six couples for your wedding party to stay at the Mansion with you and your partner for two nights and invite 44 more guests for the main event! You will retain exclusive use of the Mansion as well as the talents of LaWanda, an officiant, photographer, DJ and sound system, and a harpist or pianist for the ceremony. The package also includes a flower package, a seven-course formal dinner, a rehearsal dinner, and breakfast in the morning.

Stay at Cameo Heights Mansion

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking to use current wedding trends or you’re going for a classic feel, Cameo Heights Mansion is what you need. Fill out the form below to contact our wedding coordinator and start planning the perfect ceremony! We look forward to hosting your wedding.
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Weddings at Cameo Heights Mansion

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